OIL [Only I Love]

OIL (Only I Love) is a website created by Diango Hernández with the only purpose of selling his own artworks. “It is an experiment, it’s something that pushes some buttons and activates questions of value and access.”

The art of Diango Hernández defies easy categorization. Although much of his work is inspired by his experiences of Cuba – where he was born in 1970 and lived until the age of 33 – he is not an émigré artist in the vein of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn or Joseph Brodsky. And while many of his projects are concerned with displacement and origin, his work does not sit comfortably within the genre of diasporic art. Hernández makes Conceptual art yet carefully constructs pieces by hand like a craftsman. He is as much an inventor drawing up plans for alternative systems as he is an explorer mapping out newly discovered territories. And whilst he is most certainly a storyteller, it is never quite clear which story he is telling. Hernández can be a collector of personal paraphernalia and diaries one year, and a Minimalist painter or a sculptor using found objects the next. Timotheus Vermeulen on the installation, sculptures and drawings of Diango Hernández for Frieze magazine Dec. 2014

Diango Hernández’s work is currently represented by Alexander and Bonin, NY | Galerie Barbara Thumm, Berlin | Nicolas Krupp, Basel